Mystic Dragon

Mystic Dragon

Slot machine test: mystic Dragon

A component belongs firmly to the genre of fantasy and is there is little to imagine: there are the Dragons who always provide from the fairy tale about the Nibelungen saga to Hollywood sensation. And it's also a dragon in "mystic Dragon", the online slots by mercury. Mystic, he comes along and wants to protect his treasure on all cases. But so the Dragon isn't bad actually because as the scatter symbol he is responsible for free games, where you go right on profit hunting. For example also at Sunmaker Casino, here you can also play for real money or just try. "Mystic Dragon" not only looks good, but has a few very good odds on board, which can be be seen.

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Mystic Dragon online game

The slots "mystic Dragon" has to offer a few pretty icons, which are all on the five reels. These symbols must be, now brought into a series, which--of course luck. But there are simple and valuable icons and then and when there is always a win. With a little calculation used and a good day, you'll profit in "mystic Dragon" can make. Takes series same symbols, which lie on the line.

Five payline doesn't sound like much only once, but on closer inspection it sufficient. The rows of identical symbols must be exactly on these lines, which must be the first symbol of whatever on the first reel. A series interrupted by other motives does not count. Three lines moving horizontally from left to right, that two others go even diagonally across the individual reels. Total, each line consists of five fields.

The different icons in the Mystic slot game Dragon

More often to include the letters that come 9 and 10 but also less, which is why the profits thus remain manageable. It looks different, if directly multiple payline for profits, which then are added. In "mystic Dragon" is that three symbols in a row may play to at least use. Exceptions are the series with two symbols, such as at the 9, which again rinse then only a part of the usage in the Office.

The book, the tree or even the wood Medallion good gains, and are relatively common. The claw symbol or the Dragon's eye are even more valuable, but two motifs are the most important in "mystic Dragon". On one of the mountain, which is the wild symbol. This is wild, and if he does, also the profits of the corresponding line is doubled. Even the Dragon spits fire and is still appreciated. He counts at any point as the scatter symbol and provides even for 15 free spins, in which multiply the profits with 3.

Slot machines instructions by mystic Dragon

To play for real money, you must have an online casino account and there load money. Thus you can then your bets in "mystic Dragon" make. At the beginning of each round, you can reduce the usage or increase, the maximum bet is €10. In the paytable, you can see how use affects the potential profits. In Autostart mode is played to the current usage. The mode can be terminated at any time.

If the normal win once not enough friends, you can play anything at risk. These are two options available. Either red or black for the cards predict or hope for the chance at the head of the risk. In both cases, you can increase not only profits, but also with pitch completely lose him, why you just should assess whether current profit is not sufficient you. There will be opportunities for risk games in "mystic Dragon" not lacking.

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